TSA Technologies.

We offer:

Servo or motor-controlled drive systems

Continuous operation or part indexing for precise control

Pneumatic conveyor take-up assemblies

Double 80 drive chains, sprockets and chain idler assemblies

Customized sprockets and guarding features

Ultra high molecular weight slides on the chain rails for low coefficient of friction

High-heat profile polymer slides for the oven rails

3 inch pitch hollow pin hardened roller chain with hardened conveyor pins for part

fixturing and steel slide plates with high-density polyethylene cover plates

Double chain part rotator assemblies with DC motors and gear boxes

Automatic indexing off the conveyor for non-rotational spray applications

NEMA 12 rated control panel enclosure with Allen Bradley PLCs and Panelviews

Explosion proof part rotators with variable speed control and optional indexing off of the conveyor for non-rotational spray applications

Chain-on Edge

TSA designs, manufactures and installs application-specific conveyor systems with Chain-on-Edge technology. Our systems are designed to be robust with value-added features built-in for optimized production and quality assurance.

Automatic paint identification with programmable gun triggers, gun dwell times, part rotation controls, spray booth controls and oven temperature and timing features are all calibrated to achieve optimized values in the primer, paint and coating specifications.

Our continuous operation and indexing systems can be fully integrated with the TSA 7000 HVLP Spray Guns, recirculating spray equipment and gun control panels (see the TS Automation Paint Finishing Systems page) for the highest levels of efficiency in materials management. Material waste is minimized and yield rates are optimized.