TSA Technologies.

TS Automation is the Global Technical Integrator for the RIMFIRE technology of the SeaRay Division of the Brunswick Corporation.

TS Automation designs and integrates automated manufacturing systems for the use of

SeaRays patent-pending end-of-arm RIMFIRE technology.

RIMFIRE is a Preform Alternative Technology to traditional closed molding processes. RIMFIRE replaces the need for expensive, application-specific rolled goods and offers additional design flexibility whereby variations in part thickness can be achieved through robotic programming.

RIMFIRE technology mates well with Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) processes such as the Plastech Multiple Insert Tooling (MIT) as well as JHM Technologies

Zero Injection Pressure (ZIP) methodologies. RIMFIRE can also be designed to accommodate various production needs utilizing press operations for RTM, SRIM and vacuum infusion.

RIMFIRE technology suits both high volume and low volume part production scenarios.

The RIMFIRE Advantage


Low initial Capital Investment vs. Directed Fiber Platforms

-No large vacuum systems required

-No large ovens required

No ongoing capital requirements

-No preform-specific tooling screens required

No additional labor or space for preform inventories

Variable Cost Productivity

-Glass roving feed streams quantifiably reduce rolled goods costs

-Automated platform reduces total labor input

-Part to part consistency is controlled through an automated process