TSA Technologies.

Safer For the Environment

TSA designs, engineers and manufactures Flame Plasma Treatment systems that facilitate enhanced adhesion of paints, primers, adhesives, foams, inks and labeling.

We produce systems that functionalize the surfaces of inert materials such as Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) through a flame combustion process that establishes free radical species several molecular layers deep on the polymeric substrate.

This process allows us to develop a functional interfacial surface that creates an increased surface energy thus enabling higher integrity bonding of materials to the substrate with no detrimental effect on the physical properties of the substrate.

Aside from being safer for the environment, this process is also versatile and highly cost-effective.

Production Systems

Ideal for production-mode applications requiring enhanced adhesion of foam, paint, tapes and structural bonding.

Designed for large applications such as instrument panels, bumper fascias,

interior trim panels, body-side moldings, wheel covers, air spoilers, pillar post covers and air bag covers.